Kris Miller, 2008 Woman of Achievement

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Kris Miller, 2008 Woman of Achievement

Kris Miller, 2008 Woman of Achievement

Kris Miller never misses an opportunity to be involved – or the opportunity to get others involved.

When asked to share information for her Woman of Achievement biography, she pulled out a list: “I’m looking for volunteers for the Evergreen School District Foundation, Junior Achievement, Cub Scouts…” She trailed off, then noted: “If you don’t ask them to be involved in even a small task, you’ll never know if you’re missing something.”

It was doing just one thing that started Kris Miller’s impressive list of volunteer activities. “I just volunteered,” she said. “Nobody asked in the beginning. But once you do one thing, then people ask you to do more. And as you do more, you see more.”

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Kris first became involved with Junior Achievement (JA), an organization that brings business leaders into the classroom to teach free enterprise.  Since inception, she has served on the Vancouver JA Advisory Board and has taught classes during each of the past four years. Kris’ involvement with JA has led to other roles in support of education, including serving as volunteer fundraiser and Treasurer for the Evergreen School District Foundation, member-at-large of the Fisher’s Landing Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), and Cub Scout Pack 462 den leader. “Each organization does something important,” she noted.

Kris’ children are the influencing factor in her involvement. “My kids’ lives have been touched positively by other adults,” she explained. “So through volunteering I’ve been able to make a difference in other children’s lives – especially with Junior Achievement, where kids may be missing a stable home life.  I may be a different role model than what they see on a daily basis.”

Community organizations are also among those who benefit from Kris’ volunteer time. She is the events coordinator for the Fisher’s Creek Neighborhood Association, a role in which she coordinates a 50+ home garage sale, organizes an annual “dump day” for 300 people, and coordinates a Fourth of July picnic and parade. She also serves as a member of the modifications committee for the Hiddenbrook Community Association and is active with the Humane Society of Southwest Washington and the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.

“Kris Miller may not be one of the most recognizable names in Clark County, but that is only because she refuses to seek publicity,” wrote her nominator. “She will probably be embarrassed by the attention that this nomination may bring. But she is worthy of both respect and admiration from the community she so graciously serves.”

Professionally, Kris works as a Vice President and Relationship Manager for West Coast Bank – a part-time position she was promoted to following the birth of her second child. Kris is an achiever in her professional life as well. She is currently responsible for managing a portfolio of large business clients, and her team had exceeded their annual goals before the end of October.

Kris considers her current position with West Coast Bank her most significant professional accomplishment. “Being able to go back to work part-time and still be promoted through the organization, despite the part-time status, is an accomplishment I’m proud of,” she said. “It allows me a nice balance of time between a rewarding profession, volunteer activities and family life.” That family includes her husband, Mark, and two sons, Drew (7) and Luke (1). They are, Kris said, her most significant personal accomplishment.

Drawing from her personal and professional lives, Woman of Achievement Kris Miller shared a singular message for other women: “Find what you’re passionate about and get involved – as involved as you want to be.  You will grow, and your life will be richer for it.”

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