STEM Building

STEM building front

STEM is the first new instructional building to be built on the main campus since 1994. The 70,000 square foot building—the largest ever built on Clark’s main campus—holds 9 classrooms,12 labs (including some spaces that serve as both), 2 conference rooms, 16 student areas of various sizes, and 41 offices.

Discover what makes this building the perfect place to study engineering, physics, biology, and chemistry:

The STEM Building is LEED Gold Certified

Drop by Adam Kuby

The hanging sculpture in the lobby and outside the main entrance is work commissioned for the STEM building by the Washington Arts Commission's Public Art in Public Places program. The artist Adam Kuby, was inspired by the drop tower in the lobby, and created works that were dropped from a succession of heights, enlisting the force of gravity to distort the forms. The metal objects (stainless steel, steel, copper) were be dropped from heights ranging from 10', 20', 30' 40' and 50', and almost 60'.  Other elements like the glass and clay forms that are more sensitive to gravity were dropped from 1' up to 15'. Arranged in vertical groups and suspended in a line from the ceiling on cables, the art makes visible the progressive deformation that happens as impact from gravity increases. One of the objects, a metal grid, had a bowling ball dropped onto it, instead of it being dropped.

Photos of the work can be viewed on our Flickr page.

Watch Adam drop some of the pieces for the work, and hear him talk about his process.


You can reach the STEM building from Fort Vancouver Way or east bound on Fourth Plain Blvd. The closest parking is in Yellow Lot 2 or alternatively Yellow Lot 1 or Green Lot 1. Maps and directions will give access to printable maps.

STEM Floor Plan