Math Academy

The Programs

Math Academy and Math Plus are programs specifically designed to support student learning and to improve student success rates in math.

This is to be accomplished by attaching labs to each of the math courses.  These labs are designed to enhance student understanding, promote study skills, and provide assistance with homework. The goal is to enable students to successfully complete the courses in a community environment that supports every aspect of student learning. These labs are provided at no cost to the student by the Clark College Retention Committee. Due to this generous gift, it is a tremendous privilege to be a part of this program so all students participating in the program will be required to sign a commitment of dedication to hard work, faithful attendance, and consistent participation.

Math Academy

This program links each course in a yearlong math sequence with a required lab session.

2015 - 2016 Math Academy Courses

MATH 030, 090, 095

Pre-Algebra, Beginning & Intermediate Algebra
Monday – Friday 11:00 – 12:50
Openings during Winter 2016 - MATH 090
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MATH 089, 091, 093

Algebra I, II, & III
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 11:50
Openings during Winter 2016 - MATH 091
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MATH 103, 111, 151

Trigonometry, College Algebra & Calculus I
Monday – Friday 9:00-10:50

Math Academy Commitment Form

Math Plus

A one-quarter commitment that links a single class with a required lab session. The labs take place immediately following each class period.

2016 Math Plus Courses

MATH 030

Monday – Friday 8:00-9:50

Math Plus Commitment Form


Why Join Math Academy?

“Math Academy has been a wonderful experience. I never thought I would enjoy learning and doing math, but with Math Academy that has become possible. I am now very confident with math. The Math Academy gives you extra time to understand what you’re being taught. I will miss it when I’m done.” Alvena

 “The Math Academy has helped me overcome my fear of math. I used to avoid math because I never did well and hardly understood anything math related. Both instructors have made math interesting and even fun.

“I am looking forward to next quarter, and I can honestly say that I have never looked forward to math until Math Academy. I will miss math when it’s over.” Ceirra

“My Math Academy experience has been amazing so far. It feels really good to be successful in a subject I used to dread!”   Aubrey

“I never thought I would be able to say I like Math, but I do! I find it fun and rewarding to get a correct answer. The time in lab is the reason for all of it.”Kat

math academy students from 2014-2015

“I feel great about Math Academy. Math was not only my biggest challenge in life but also my biggest fear. I have enjoyed this class so much.   I have a much better understanding of math, and I’m not scared of math anymore. I enjoy learning and feel so accomplished being able to complete problems I used to look at and cringe.” Amber


Teri Miller (Instructor)
Diana Coatney (Instructor)
Joan Zoellner (Instructor)

We hope to see you in the Math Academy Program next year!