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Mathematics Department


Mathematics is an interest area that involves problem-solving by use of numbers, formulas, and patterns. 

Clark's Mathematics Department develops students' abilities to understand math concepts and processes as a foundational skill. A variety of math courses are offered that include algebra, calculus, statistics, and microeconomics. 

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Degrees and Certificates

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Robert Weston
Mathematics Department Chair
Mathematics Department: (360) 992-2200

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Uncovering Your Math Potential 

Math is an all-encompassing field of study. It touches every facet of our lives from the technology we rely on to the money we use to buy goods and services. Students who choose to pursue a career in mathematics have a variety of fields in which to apply their skills.

Clark’s Math courses are suited for students of all skills and abilities. Our faculty works collaboratively with students to develop their skills and help achieve their educational goals.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Centers

Students in need of academic assistance can access our free STEM tutoring services. Support is provided on a drop-in or appointment basis and is available to students at every skill level.


First-time students at Clark who do not possess math courses on their transcript will need to schedule an assessment test before enrolling in a math course. Math assessments can be scheduled at the Assessment & Placement center

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for mathematicians exist in a variety of fields including: engineering, robotics, business, and manufacturing. 

According to The U.S. Department of Labor, employment projections forecast mathematician jobs growing at a rate of 15%, with a national median wage estimated at $50.87 per hour. 

Clark offers an Associate of Arts degree (AA) designed for students planning to acquire foundational skills in math or transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree program in Mathematics. The statistics listed are estimates based on a bachelor’s degree and above.