470.000 - Grievances of Policies and Procedures in the 400 Section

The College shall establish a procedure for individuals or groups to submit a grievance concerning policies and procedures in the 400 section of this manual. The Board delegates to the president or designee the responsibility to develop and implement appropriate procedures.


Any person or group with a grievance concerning College policies/procedures regarding services has the right to be heard fairly and promptly.

The issue(s) of concern need to be studied carefully to ascertain the most appropriate process for redress.  For example, public records has a separate procedure for appeal (420.001) that must be followed, as does improper governmental actions (415.033).

Persons/groups with concerns not governed by a specific procedure are urged to proceed as follows:

  1. Explain the concern to the College employee who is involved, and state the intent to appeal.

  2. Bring the matter to the dean or director responsible for the area of concern.

  3. If the matter is not resolved, appeal to the appropriate vice president to whom the dean or director reports; put the concern in writing at this point. The vice president may choose to reroute the appeal through an existing appellant process or deal with the matter.

  4. If the matter is not resolved by the vice president, the appeal can be submitted to the College president in writing. Data collection and/or hearings will be conducted as appropriate. The decision of the president will be final.