Staff Teaching & Learning Days

August 21 & 22, 2018!

Save the date for the fourth annual Teaching and Learning Days Conference! This two-day event provides training and professional development for Clark College classified, part-time, and administrative/exempt staff. Classes will remain in session, but all business offices will close to the public to allow all staff the chance to participate.

Teaching and Learning Days schedule

Conference Theme

This year’s conference theme is Connect and Engage with an intentional focus on organizational health and personal wellness. Organizational health, defined as an "organization's ability to function effectively, to cope adequately, to change appropriately, and to grow from within" (Organizational Health Diagnostic and Development Corporation, 2018) has a direct impact on employee wellness, morale, and productivity (Combrink, 2017).

"The advantage of organizational health is undeniable and massive. Companies get more done in less time. They avoid losing their best people. They identify problems earlier and solve them faster. (Lencioni, 2012)"

Over the course of the two days, we hope to have a balance of topics related to both organizational health and personal well-being. As a structure for our two days together, participants will connect and engage with each other, learn concepts of wellness, how they apply both organizationally and personally, break down silos, and explore new topics not typically offered throughout the year.

During the next year, the College will be undertaking major initiatives such as Guided Pathways and ctcLink. These initiatives will impact the way that business is conducted in the present and how business will be conducted in the future. We recognize that these changes have the potential to influence the well-being of staff in these key dimensions of wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.  Based on feedback from our climate survey, Teaching and Learning Days 2017, and the focus on the six dimensions of wellness, the Professional Development Workgroup designed this conference to show commitment to our collective well-being as a college.  

Focus Areas (Six Dimensions of Wellness)


Encompasses a healthy relationship with the earth and its resources, and a healthy relationship with personal surroundings.


Requires ongoing self-examination and the ability to cope effectively with stress as well as express and accept a wide range of feelings in each individual and others.


Expands knowledge, skills, and abilities through ongoing personal growth and development. Seeks opportunities to stretch and challenge the mind with stimulating creative and problem-solving endeavors.


Encourages eating well, exercising regularly, avoiding harmful habits, and making responsible decisions about lifestyle and behavior.


Encourages connecting with others and contributing to one’s community, with the understanding that satisfying relationships are basic to physical and emotional health. Social wellness involves developing positive interpersonal skills and cultivating a strong support network.


Explores key principles, beliefs and values that give meaning and purpose to life. It’s about living in a way that is consistent with your “world view,” while also being understanding of other beliefs and values. 

These areas reflect topics of interest cited in feedback from last year’s conference and recommendations submitted to the Professional Development Workgroup. Sessions will also focus on concepts of power, privilege, and inequity to enhance institutional and employee knowledge and impact student learning.