The success of Clark College students is central to the mission of the college and this plan. Clark College must prepare students for life and work in a multicultural, diverse and international society. Exposure to a variety of beliefs, cultures, and differences is a catalyst for intellectual growth. It is the responsibility of Clark College to provide a respectful, effective learning environment for all of its students. At Clark we support Dreamers (undocumented students) in pursuit of their educational goals.

Students at Clark College enjoy enjoy the beauty of the campus and connect with others as they walk between their classes.


An undocumented student is a foreign national who: (1) entered the United States without inspection or with fraudulent documents; or (2) entered legally as a non-immigrant but then violated the terms of his or her status and remained in the United States without authorization (as defined by the National Immigration Law Center).
Many college-bound undocumented students:

The undocumented status of a student exempts them from applying for federal student aid using the FAFSA, but this does not have to be a barrier to attending and succeeding in college. This site area lists resources that will support undocumented students in Washington State to attain and fund their higher education.