Student Government Officers

ASCC President 3353 [PUB 160G]
ASCC Vice President 3640 [PUB 160G]
ASCC Finance Director 3139 [PUB 160G]
ASCC Executive Assistant 3354 [PUB 160G]
ASCC Club Coordinator 3169 [PUB 160G]
ASCC Student Relations & Promotions Coordinator 3133 [PUB 160G]
ASCC Activities Director 3132 [PUB 160G]
APB Family Events Coordinator 3331 [PUB 160G]
APB Social Events Coordinator 3332 [PUB 160G]
APB Educational Events Coordinator 3333 [PUB 160G]
APB Cultural Events Coordinator 3334 [PUB 160G]
APB Awareness Events Coordinator 3335 [PUB 160G]
1 Can be used to reach officers from on-campus phones.
From off-campus, dial (360) 992-2353, then the extension.