Student Success Coaches

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How your Success Coach will help you:

  • Get to know you as a student and a person
  • Be by your side along your academic journey, from start to finish, helping you navigate higher education
  • Work together with you to access academic supports and life resources services
  • Provide regular, consistent 1:1 coaching that supports both your academic and personal success
  • Equip you in developing skills or connect you to skills workshops and other resources

What your Coaching Session will look like: 

  • Free
  • Confidential
  • Private (Zoom or private office)
  • 1:1 (not in a group setting)
  • Arranged around your schedule
  • Unlimited number of sessions
  • Specialized in Areas of Study (by request)
  • Include options for language/ASL interpretation (coming soon) 

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Student Success Coaches are here to help you.

We partner with you, through your entire time at Clark College. 

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Meet Our Coaches

Headshot of Jill Forgash a young woman with curly brown hair and glasses wearing a fitted black turtle neck with a soft open mouth smile.

Jill Forgash

Email to connect with Jill Forgash

Science, Technology and Engineering Area of Study Focus

You are starting a new journey at Clark College. I am, too. I am excited to help Clark students navigate college. 

After graduating from college in Boston, I worked as an academic advisor and enrollment counselor with community college and university students in that area for about five years. But during the pandemic, I was ready for a change. I drove cross-country with my two cats (Enzo and Frank) and my partner and started my next chapter in the Pacific Northwest. I’m excited to explore this lovely region! Hiking and getting out in nature help me manage my anxiety. I’m passionate about destigmatizing mental health.  

Why Success Coaching matters: “Student” is just one part of your identity, and school is just one part of your life. When you meet with me or another Success Coach, we will consider all parts of you as person—your strengths, responsibilities, interests, values, and goals—to create your plan unique to your vision of success. 

Why your success is important to me:  I know how challenging college can be. It’s a complicated system with rules and expectations that have excluded many people in the past. As a Success Coach, I’m dedicated to help you navigate successfully through Clark College and to make connections with others to support you on your journey.

DJ Scates headshot. DJ is smiling and making eye contact. DJ is wearing a grey shirt with buttons. DJ has long, wavy brown hair and a large brown beard. There are trees in the background.

DJ Scates

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Business & Entrepeneurship, Public Service, Society, and Education Areas of Study Focus

I returned to college as an adult learner right here at Clark in 2019. I spent one quarter as a new student, and then COVID hit. I had to change with it or get left behind. I was able to create a team of supporters dedicated to my success. With these wonderful people's help, I achieved my Associates in Health Information Management and my Bachelors in Management. I began working as a Student Ambassador, developing a passion for helping my fellow students. I continued as a program coordinator for Clark College at Larch Correction Facility, where I learned how to help students with various obstacles. Most recently, I worked as the Support Supervisor for the Tenure Department, building close personal relationships with many of the Clark College faculty. Now, I bring my experience and connections to Success Coaching to help all students achieve their educational dreams.

Why Success Coaching Matters: Every student is individual and represents a unique intersection of identities with difficulties and achievements. Having a coach who takes time to understand your singular experience provides support specific to your situation.

Why your success is important to me: During my time at Clark, I have experienced challenges and seen other students struggle. I know what it means to have someone in your corner who cares about you and truly wants to help you succeed. I now have the privilege of being here to support your journey as mine was supported. Nothing brings me greater joy than helping another student find their way on the grand journey of education.


Lana Strickland Headshot features a middle aged woman with short hair and glasses, smiling in an inviting way with direct eye contact wearing a crew neck black shirt.

Lana (Hyeseong) Strickland

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Health Care, Creative and Communication Arts, and Advanced Manufacturing Areas of Study Focus

After immigrating from South Korea to the US many years ago, I was fortunate to connect with mentors who helped me map out a direction for my college studies and my career. Eventually, I was fortunate enough to embark on a career in education, teaching English and ESL at community colleges in Silicon Valley, developing academic programs that support underserved students. In addition, as part of my consulting business, I provide success coaching to high school and college students, helping them navigate their academic journey, personal development, and career development.

I am thrilled to be at Clark doing what I love, helping students learn and grow as a successful individual. I am dedicated to learning about the life experiences of the students I coach here and helping them navigate their academic journey and personal development so that they can succeed in achieving their educational and life goals.

Why success coaching matters:

Every student brings with them unique experiences, personal strengths, and challenges when transitioning to college life and a career path. Success coaching equips students with skills and resources that can help them move forward with passion and confidence.

Why your success is important to me:

As an adult immigrant to the United States and a non-native speaker of English, I can readily relate to the struggles many students face when navigating college life and beyond. It is my passion to help students learn important life and academic skills and connect them with resources that will assist them in finding their own fulfilling and successful path.