Disability Documentation Guidelines

Clark College will provide accommodations based on the current impact of the functional limitation(s) or symptoms of the disability. In order to fully evaluate requests for accommodations, our process generally includes review of a student's documentation, the fundamental requirements of the program or course, and the self-report or story taken during the initial Access Meeting.  We ask for documentation of a student's disability if they have it. We also have a process when a student doesn't have documentation.

If You Have Documentation 

 We understand that it may be difficult to get evaluated for a health condition or disability.  We acknowledge that it may take time to get copies of your documentation from other agencies. Documetnation is very helpful to DSS staff in determining accommodations.  If you have documentation that you can access please provide any that contain the following information:

What if I don't have any documentation?  

The final determination for accommodations rests with Clark College's Disability Support Services staff. If there are any questions, contact Disability Support Services at dss@clark.edu

Where you may be able to get Documentation:

Students may utilize existing records for documentation, and/or they may ask a current provider to complete a Verification of Disability Form.  

Students who have previously received special education services in the K-12 public school system should submit Individualized Educational Program (IEP) documentation.  IEP records contain both information about services/supports provided, as well as specific details about evaluations/testing/diagnostic reports related to eligibility for services.  While both types of information are useful, the latter form (i.e. evaluations/testing/reports) is most relevant in terms of determining eligibility for post-secondary supports.  More specifically, we prefer the diagnosis from a qualified professional with functional limitations or impacts described.

For individuals transferring from another college the information related to your disability will not be sent with a transcript request. You must request that information separately to the Disability office.

For individuals who are or have been receiving services from a state rehabilitation agency, the information requested may be contained in your most recent eligibility evaluation.

Additional Information:

Any costs to obtaining documentation shall be borne by the student; Clark College DSS does not provide full evaluations or diagnostic measures on determining disabilities. 

Disability Support Services will not retain paper copies of documentation received. Documentation is electronically scanned upon submission to DSS, and the original paper copy is returned to the student when they are turning it in person.  It is important for the student to retain this original documentation for their own personal records.

Documentation received is kept in at Disability Support Services. Information will only be released to Clark College personnel on an educational need to know basis. Information regarding accommodations, disability, documentation, or student status will only be released to persons outside of Clark College with student permission via a Release of Information.