Alternate Format Policy

Disability Support Services (DSS) will coordinate access to educational materials in alternate format for students approved for this academic adjustment through the DSS Office. The following identifies the responsibilities of the student and DSS if the student chooses to utilize educational materials in alternate format.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. You should give DSS a minimum of six weeks' notice to arrange for educational materials in alternate format (note that Braille requires twelve weeks' notice). Requests should be made through the myDSS student portal.
  2. You should utilize Priority Registration (PR).
    1. During PR, you will register for your classes for the upcoming term, and request accommodations through myDSS.
  3. You must provide DSS with proof of ownership for your textbooks in the form of original receipt, emailed receipt, or a copy of the receipt prior to checking out the alternate format.
    1.  If a receipt cannot be obtained, bring your physical textbook to DSS. If you cannot come to campus to submit proof of ownership, you can e-mail the alternate format coordinator at
  4. If you have a book that is a rental, you must agree to only access the files for the applicable quarter or duration of the rental.
  5. You must bring any printed materials dispersed during class that need to be converted into alternate format to the DSS Office immediately.
  6. You will pick up alternate format from the DSS Office in a timely manner. If materials are not picked up in a timely manner, services may be suspended until you meet with the DSS Director or designee.
  7. There may be times when you have to return alternate format to the DSS office upon completion of the term. If these materials are not returned, a hold will be placed on your record.
  8. You promise not to duplicate, lend, or sell alternate format to others.
  9. Inform DSS if you have problems using your alternate format files.
  10. Inform DSS if you have a different format preference of the alternate format files provided.

DSS Responsibilities:

  1. DSS will email you a letter outlining your approved accommodations after you submit your accommodation request for the term.
  2. DSS will make every effort to provide you with all requested educational materials in alternate format in a timely manner. In the event notice is not given in a timely manner (i.e. request is made after Priority Registration), DSS will attempt to provide you with the requested educational materials in alternate format on an as-needed basis.
  3. DSS will inform you when alternate format is ready to be picked up.
  4. If DSS realizes you have dropped a class, DSS will stop production of your alternate format and notify you by email.