Shared Governance


Shared governance at Clark College is a decision-making framework in which institutional policies and priorities are determined by the decision-making body1 in collaboration with those affected. Roles and responsibilities of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees will need to be clearly defined and communicated to ensure accountability. Effective shared governance requires all members of the college community to contribute to an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Principles of Shared Governance

The college will participate in shared governance through these principles: Equity and Representation, Transparency and Communication, and Responsibility and Accountability.

Equity and Representation:

Transparency and Communication:

Responsibility and Accountability:

More Resources

Please access the Shared Governance and You page for how you as an individual can effect shared governance, as well as the Equitable Decision Making Tool (PDF) that will guide you to better decision making.

You can also download a PDF of the Shared Governance document that includes the Shared Governance and You and the Equitable Decision Making Tool.


Decision-making bodies need to be defined more broadly than those described as legally responsible, but also not an over reaching term designated to any department or person who makes decisions at the college.

2 How this can be achieved will be determined in future implementation of the principles.

3 Accessible formats will address needs of multi-lingual audiences, individuals with visible and invisible disabilities, and will align with the Office of Disability Support Services’ requirements for workplace accommodations.

4 As the college moves towards a better understanding of our impact on the environment, it will become clearer to everyone how our decisions impact our ecosystems. 

proposed - awaiting EC approval 10/2020