745.000 - Posthumous Degrees

Clark College may award certificates of completion, certificates of proficiency, certificates of achievement and associate degrees posthumously under the following conditions:

  • The deceased student was enrolled at the time of death.
  • The deceased student has completed a minimum of 75% of all designated program of study requirements as well as other graduation requirements.
  • The deceased student is in good academic standing and has earned a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 at Clark College.


  1. Deceased students will be withdrawn from classes for the current term and refunded tuition and fee payments in accordance with the Deceased Student Notification policy and procedure.
  2. Requests for a degree or certificate awarded posthumously may be initiated by family members, friends, or associates of the deceased student and must be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Documentation of the student’s death must accompany the request. Staff or faculty may also initiate this on behalf of the deceased student’s family or associates.

  3.  The Vice President of Student Affairs will request a review of the deceased student's record by the Credentials Office verifying that minimum requirements as stated above have been met.
    1. The appropriate credential award will be granted and noted on the deceased student’s transcript.
    2. A diploma reflecting the appropriate award and date will be generated and given to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

  4. The Vice President of Student Affairs will communicate the results of the request to the college President and requestor. It will be the Vice President of Student Affairs and President’s discretion as to how the posthumous diploma is given to the requestor.

New Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
October 22, 2013