722.000 - Disorderly Students

The College shall develop and adhere to procedures regarding a disorderly student who is unwilling to follow the established College grievance procedures and indicates he/she will take disruptive action or action disturbing the peace. Actions which are defined as disorderly conduct are those which involve substantial disruption or interference with any class, program, activity, function, lab, service, office, meeting, hearing, or ceremony; obstruction of free movement of people or vehicles; conduct which threatens harm to individuals or damage to College property, incites violence, or endangers the health and safety of any person; threats of disruption; damaging, defacing, or abusing College facilities, equipment, or property; inciting others to engage in prohibited or unlawful conduct; creating noise in such a way as to interfere with College functions; and/or failure to comply with a proper order or reasonable request of a staff or faculty member of the College.


When a student is unwilling to follow established College grievance procedures, and indicates that he/she will take disruptive action or action disturbing the peace, the steps below may be employed by the president or designee.

The president or designee may:

  1. Summon campus security officers.

  2. Alert the local police department. Since ClarkCollege is under the jurisdiction of the Vancouver City Police Department, it will be the first law enforcement agency to be contacted. The Police Department may call upon the Clark County Sheriff's Office for assistance.

  3. Invite investigators to come on campus.

  4. Contact the Office of the Attorney General to seek a court injunction.

  5. Alert the Office of the Governor of the action taken.

If disorderly conduct occurs, staff members should remain at their posts, taking no aggressive action unless they are threatened by physical danger, in order to be available to identify people involved and to be prepared to use emergency equipment if necessary. Staff members should avoid spreading information or rumors that could increase the danger.

An emergency operations center will be established in Plant Services with a secondary operations center in Administrative Services.

It is the policy of the College that, where it is determined that a violation of the law has occurred, prosecution (both administrative and civil) will be sought.