430.000 - Payroll

The College shall develop and implement procedures for the management of an employee payroll system in accordance with appropriate state and federal regulations and requirements. The Board delegates to the president or designee the responsibility to develop and implement appropriate administrative procedures.

430.015 PAYDAYS

RCW 42.16.010 of the State of Washington require a delay of ten days in the payment of an employee.

Employees who are paid by contract, appointment, or salary, are paid on the 25th for work performed from the 1st to the 15th and on the 10th of the following month for work performed from the 16th to the last day of the previous month.

Hourly employees are paid on the 10th of the month for work performed during the preceding calendar month.


An employee's first dispersal will be made by check, but dispersals thereafter will be made through direct deposit only. Employees may/must provide direct deposit information for the financial institution of their choice upon hire. If a direct deposit choice form is not completed by the employee, the default will be dispersal to the payroll issued paycard.

  1. Direct Deposit – Employees will have their net dispersal electronically deposited into a financial institution on payday. The College does not provide printed advice of deposits. However, payroll detail may be viewed and printed from online information.

  2. Mailed – Upon completion of the direct deposit choice form, any checks produced prior to direct deposit commencing will be mailed to the employees address on file, unless arrangements are made with payroll to pick up the check.

  3. Obtained by Other Than Payee – Checks are not to be given out to persons other than the payee uless:

    a. Payroll receives a note signed by the payee directing the check to be released to some other named individual. 

    b. In an emergency, a phone call may be made to Payroll directing them to give the check to someone else. In this case, Payroll must be able to identify the payee before the check will be released.

  4. Picked-up – If direct deposit is not yet completed, paychecks are to be picked up in Payroll Services during regular college business hours.

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
February 16, 2010
September 15, 2015



There are no official established procedures for state employees to be given all or portions of earned salary or wages prior to the next scheduled payment date for these earnings.

However, under emergency or unusual circumstances, the College may process a manual check for salary or wages earned but not yet paid for:

  1. A new employee whose appointing paperwork was not processed in a timely manner through no fault of the employee.

  2. A continuing hourly employee whose time sheet was not processed in a timely manner through no fault of the employee.

  3. Any new or continuing employee affected by an error through no fault of the employee.

To initiate a manual payroll check authorization must be obtained via the following process:

The employee's supervisor verifies gross pay earned and then submits the request to the associate vice president of human resources for approval. In the absence of the associate vice president of human resources, the approving authority will be the vice president of administrative services who will notify Payroll of the authorized draw. A minimum of two working days is needed to process the check once approvals have been completed.

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
September 15, 2015


Leave without pay is calculated in accordance with OFM regulations. Leave without pay for staff is calculated using the ratio of time not worked in days or hours to the scheduled time available for work in days or hours for that pay period. For faculty, leave without pay is calculated using the individual’s contracted daily rate.  (For hourly rate, divide daily rate by eight.)

Staff Leave Without Pay $      =       Leave without pay days/hours       ÷       Available pay period day/hours       X       Semi-Monthly Rate

Faculty Leave Without Pay $      =       Annual Contract Amount       ÷       173 days       X       Days of Leave Without Pay


Any instance of an employee overpayment is considered a debt to the College and must be repaid. Unless specifically addressed in a collective bargaining agreement, the College will follow the processes defined per the State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAMM) 25.80 and RCW 49.48.210.

New Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
September 15, 2015


Payment for past due obligations with the College may be withheld from an employee's paycheck or from other payments due to the individual from the College.

Persons with debts with any federal or state financial aid program cannot register as College students or receive other College services until the matter is resolved. Persons with debts for NSF checks or other unpaid fines or obligations are denied student registration privileges until the debt is satisfied.

Payments received of any nature will be first applied to prior debts, unless prohibited by federal or state regulations.

Refer to Chapter 132N-122 WAC for additional policy statement, notification, and the process for a brief adjudicative proceeding.