416.000 - Gifts, Donations and Fundraising

The College shall establish a process for receiving and accounting for gifts and donations as allowed by state regulations and shall utilize the Clark College Foundation as its agent. The Board delegates to the president or designee the authority to receive gifts and donations for the College.


All cash and/or property gifts must be handled through the Clark College Foundation, whose tax status has been clarified and federally approved as a 501C (3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.

Any donation of equipment or materials to the College or to the Clark College Foundation for use in College programs must be approved by the appropriate administrator before a commitment to accept it is made by any member of the College staff.

If acceptance of a gift will involve costs in excess of $100 or an extraordinary risk of liability for the College, the president or designee must approve its acceptance. If the gift is to the Clark College Foundation and costs of $100 or more are involved in its acceptance, approval by the Foundation is required.

Equipment donated to either the College or the Clark College Foundation must be appropriately inventoried.

Plans for acceptance of consumable supplies must include the manner in which they will be stored and disbursed within the normal operating systems and inventory procedures of the College department involved.

A written acceptance (including a description of the donation) will be issued by the Foundation within 30 days of the final offer. However, it is notCollege policy to indicate in writing to the donor a specific value for the property contributed.

The Foundation’s in-kind donation form can be found at

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
November 30, 2010


Ordinarily, the Clark College Foundation, a separate entity, is the fundraising arm of the College.

College-Related Fundraising

The Clark College Foundation, in compliance with its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, engages in fundraising activities consistent with its mission to complement Clark College efforts to provide education higher in quality than is afforded through state and federal support alone.

Foundation fundraising supports grants, scholarships, programs, faculty development, capital improvements, and general Foundation operations. College employees wishing to engage in Foundation-assisted, College-related fundraising activities must have prior approval from the College’s Executive Cabinet followed by approval from the Foundation president in consultation with the Foundation Board of Directors.

Typical fundraising activities include direct solicitation for financial support or equipment donations, either in person or through a letter of appeal; grant applications for program support, equipment, capital improvements, or faculty development; raffles; product sales; special events, etc.

Non-Official, College-Related Fundraising

Fundraising by College employees of a personal nature and not coordinated or conducted in cooperation with the Foundation or undertaken on behalf of the College or official College programs, activities, or endorsement may not occur under the implied sponsorship of the College. Examples of fundraising activities of this nature include aid for a needy family or College employee, funds for memorials, etc.

College employees are not permitted to engage in non-official, College-related fundraising while on the state payroll, nor are College resources to be used in any manner for this type of fundraising.

The College cannot serve as the fiscal agent for non-official, College-related fundraising.

A public or community-sponsored fundraising activity may be engaged in at the College, provided there are no un-reimbursed, out-of-pocket expenses to the College and the activity has the express advance approval of the president.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Chartered student organizations may engage in minor fundraising under the approval of the director of student life and the vice president of student affairs. These activities must follow all applicable rules and laws established by the State of Washington. Fundraising activities related to raffles, bingo and amusement games are limited to a maximum of $5,000 annually. There is no maximum annual limit on activities unrelated to raffles, bingo or amusement games. All cash donations must be processed through the Clark College Foundation.

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
March 13, 2012


To honor the passing of a current or former College employee, donations to the Clark College Foundation’s scholarship fund may be made in the employee’s name. The donation will be recognized as a memorial gift in the Foundation’s published list of scholarship donors.

No solid or fixed objects or plantings will be considered, with the exception of plaques, markers, signage, or lettering associated with the naming of College property consistent with 535.001 Naming Policy and Procedure.

New Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
April 30, 2013