405.000 - General Services

The College shall establish and maintain operational procedures for routine and general services provided and conducted by the College. The Board delegates to the president or designee responsibility for implementing these procedures.


  1. Personal checks are accepted only for the exact amount of purchase or tuition.

  2. Personal checks for cash will not be cashed.  An ATM is available in Central Gaiser Hall.

  3. Travel checks will not be cashed.

  4. Financial aid and scholarship checks will not be cashed.

Any check for goods or services at the College which is returned for nonsufficient funds (or any other reason) will be assessed a processing fee. Exceptions to these rules must be approved by the director of business services.


  1. Checks not honored by the College bank due to “nonsufficient funds” or “account closed” are processed through the College bank account twice then returned to the College.

  2. A returned check fee is added to the amount of the check.

  3. A "hold" slip is processed through the Registration Office indicating that the person is not allowed to register or receive grades or transcripts.

  4. A "Notice of Dishonor of Check" is mailed to the person, requesting payment within 15 days of postmarked notice.

  5. An affidavit of service by mail will be included with each letter.

  6. If the full amount of the check and fee is not paid within 15 days:

    a. Tuition and fees – registration is canceled. If canceled during 100% refund period, only returned check fee is due and "hold" remains in effect until paid. If canceled during 50% refund period, 50% of tuition is still due plus returned check fee. If canceled after 50% refund period, 100% of tuition is still due plus returned check fee.

    b. If arrangements for payment are not made and subsequently carried out, the debt will be sent to a collection agency.

  7. Upon receipt of the third returned check from the same person, a "cash only" indicator will be placed on their account signifying that no checks will be accepted.

  8. Notification of "cash only" status is sent to the person, including terms of reinstatement of check writing privileges.

  9. Check writing privileges may be restored only when all "returned check" debts owed to the College are paid in full and the person provides to the College a letter from their bank stating that they have had no returned checks for the past twelve months.


Outgoing official College mail is processed through Central Services. Metered postage or College envelopes may not be used for personal mail. Outgoing mail should be placed in the designated mailbag in each area. Campus mail is picked up and delivered by Central Services personnel. Pick-up and delivery points are established by Central Services. Outgoing mail will be taken to the Post Office Envelopes, stationery, and other mailing supplies for official College business may be purchased from Production Printing.

Bulk mail requires special handling and scheduling. Preparation of bulk mail for the Post Office is a responsibility shared by the originating department and the Central Services staff. Bulk mail guidelines and timelines are available in a printed guide available from Central Services.

A consultation is required before the bulk mail permit can be applied to any mail piece. Central Services must confirm that the mail pieces meet U.S. Postal Service regulations before they can go to print. Central Services will apply the addresses, sort the mailing, and deliver it to the Post Office.

Intra-campus communications, bulletins, etc., should be clearly marked. Be sure to cross out the previously used inner-office mail stop code. All intra-campus mail will be picked up, sorted, and redistributed in the next delivery.

Use of College mail service for professional purposes is permitted. Personal mail is not to be sent through campus incoming or outgoing mail processes. A U.S. Postal Service box is available between the front entryways to Bauer Hall and Baird Administration Building for outgoing mail. Also see - 405.025 Freight Services.

The official Clark College address is:

Clark College
1933 Fort Vancouver Way
Vancouver, WA98663-3598

Monday through Friday at 3:00 p.m. All outgoing mail must have a complete Clark College return address, including department.

405.020 PRINTING

Current information about printing services, rates, and procedures is available from Production Printing.


Incoming and outgoing freight must be processed through Central Services. The College freight system should not be used for incoming or outgoing personal freight. An outgoing "personal package" service is available at the College Bookstore. Central Services staff opens each freight item to check for order conformance unless it is labeled "free" or "personal."

Outgoing freight will be prepared by Central Services staff. The requesting department should either bring the item(s) to Central Services or call Central Services to have the package picked up on a freight run. The requesting department should indicate a preferred method of shipping and the budget number applicable for the shipping charges.

If an item requires special handling, e.g., it is extra large, bulky, or heavy, call Central Services to discuss the best way to handle the process and required shipping information for transport.

The requesting department should notify Purchasing Services if they are returning any unsatisfactory merchandise ordered through any Purchasing Services process.


College departments that require documents to be notarized must arrange for this service. The College Bookstore will provide notary service for public or personal use for a charge.


Convenience copiers are located in various campus locations for official College use. No personal copy work is permitted with these copiers. Coin-op machines for personal use are available in several locations across the campus. A list of current locations is available from Business Services. The College Bookstore provides copy service for public or personal use for a charge including color and transparencies.

Copy machines are intended only for production of a limited number of copies — in most cases, not more than 20 copies from one master copy. Employees with a large amount of copying work should yield the use of the copy machine to those with short runs. Longer runs should be sent to Production Printing. Pick-up and delivery is provided to all campus buildings on a daily basis.

Users are responsible for complying with all copyright laws. Any questions on the nature of the copying work or on possible violations of copyright laws are to be referred to the department supervisor for clarification. The Cannell Library also has available an information booklet on the reproduction of copyrighted material.

Copyright Infringement

The reproduction of published works or printed matter in violation of copyright laws, or beyond that encompassed by the "Fair Use" doctrine, is strictly forbidden; liability for copyright infringement extends to the user, the individual who orders the copying, and the College. The "Fair Use" doctrine is a legislative exception in which copying for educational use is deemed to be a fair use not requiring the copyright owner's permission. In determining whether a particular job falls under the doctrine, please see administrative procedure 675.000 – Copyrights/Patents, Rights of Users: Fair Use.

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
August 20, 2013