Spring Quarter OATmeals (training on the Outcomes Assessment Toolbox)

With the end of the academic year approaching, we would like to remind you that Outcomes Assessment project reports are DUE by JUNE 30, 2014.


*Note: not every faculty member needs to complete a report. Only one report needs to be submitted for each Outcomes Assessment project.* (Please contact your department head for more information on current projects.)


We are here to support you! We are offering the following training sessions covering how to complete reporting using the OAT (Outcomes Assessment Toolbox).


If you are unable to attend the following sessions, please contact your Faculty Outcomes Assessment Liaison to make other arrangements.

Oat schedule

To register, please contact Janette Clay at jclay@clark.edu


This year, all reports are to be submitted using the OAT at: https://apps.clark.edu/OutcomesAssessmentToolbox/Default.aspx


If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact your Faculty Outcomes Assessment Liaisons at:


Ann Fillmore

OA Liaison, CTE Programs




Toby Peterson

OA Liaison, Academic Transfer Programs