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Welcome to Outcomes Assessment at Clark College!

Our mission is to improve student learning through the college-wide practice of meaningful, sustainable assessment. 

We are responsible for:

  • Collaborating with faculty, staff, and administrators to design and implement assessment projects
  • Advising ongoing work in light of researched best practices
  • Hosting assessment-related professional development
  • Building a culture of evidence-based reflection on student learning

In short, we're here to help!

Outcomes Assessment (OA): The measurement of learning outcomes. OA examines student demonstrations of the results of learning. The process includes four cyclical steps: 1) teaching and learning, 2) developing questions and gathering information about student learning, 3) analyzing the information and drawing conclusions, and 4) reflecting and planning.  It documents the alignment (or dissonance) between the intended learning (as stated in the outcomes) and the actual learning (as demonstrated by the student). The practice of Outcomes Assessment is collaborative and is intended to inform. Its goal is to continually improve student learning.



For trainings on how to submit a report, please click here.


Outcomes Assessment Support

Ann Fillmore

OA Liaison, CTE Programs



Toby Peterson

OA Liaison, Academic Transfer Programs



Kanna Hudson

Research and Assessment Professional



Janette Clay

Program Specialist



We welcome your feedback. Also, if you'd like to schedule a personalized presentation, we'd be happy to come to you!

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