Outcomes Assessment

Our website has recently changed, and some areas are still under construction. We appreciate your patience during this transition. Please click here to go to the Outcomes Assessment Toolbox (OAT).

If you have questions, please contact:

Ann Fillmore, OA Liaison, CTE Programs, afillmore@clark.edu or 360-992-2084
Joe Pitkin, OA Liaison, Academic Transfer Programs, jpkitin@clark.edu or 360-992-2407

Welcome to Outcomes Assessment at Clark College!

Outcomes Assessment (OA) is the collaborative, faculty-driven process of continuous improvement of student learning outcomes.

Our mission is to improve student learning through the college-wide practice of meaningful, sustainable assessment of learning outcomes.

We are responsible for:

In short, we're here to help!

OA Information

Outcomes Assessment Team

Ann Fillmore, OA Liaison, CTE Programs


Joe Pitkin, OA Liaison, Academic Transfer Programs


Kanna Hudson, Research and Assessment Professional


We welcome your feedback. Also, if you'd like to schedule a personalized presentation, we'd be happy to come to you!