Program Outcomes and Success Measures


End of Program Student Learning Outcomes

To provide safe, competent and patient-centered care, our graduate will:
KNOWLEDGE Integrate relevant theoretical and practical knowledge
CLINICAL JUDGMENT Demonstrate effective problem solving and decision making
CARING  Integrate principles of diversity, holism, stewardship, dignity, and respect to reflect an environment of caring
TEAMWORK AND INTER-PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION Model open communication, mutual respect and shared decision making
PROFESSIONALISM  Demonstrate personal accountability, ethical practices and continuing competence in nursing
PATIENT SAFETY  Minimize risk of harm to patients and providers through both clinical system effectiveness and individual performance


NCLEX Pass Rates

NCLEX – RN Pass rates will be at or above the national mean (average)

Year National Average Clark Nursing Program
2015 82% 91%
2016 82% 84%
2017 84% 83%
2018 85% 87%

Program Completion Rate

Program Complete rate will be at or above 85%

Percent of students completing withing 150% of program length

Year % of Students
2015 94%
2016 91%
2017 92%
2018 94%


85% of graduates will be employed in a nursing position within one year of graduation.

Year % Employed
2014-2015 99%
2015-2016 97%
2016-2017 97%
2017-2018 Not yet available

 *Based on Washington State employment database