Technical Requirements

General Requirements

Find the most up-to-date technical requirements on the Canvas Guides.

Basic Computer Specifications

For the most trouble-free experience with Canvas and the online tools used at Clark, Mozilla Firefox is recommended.  However, Canvas does support the browsers shown on the site below.

Browser Requirements


The Canvas interface has been optimized for desktop displays, so using a mobile device for actual coursework may not work well.  Canvas is not officially supported on mobile browsers.  For an improved experience, there are free Canvas apps for download described on the site linked below, however, it is important to note that the mobile apps do not provide full functionality or the security that you would get with a laptop or desktop computer.  We strongly recommend that whenever possible, you complete any assignment, test, or quiz on a more stable internet connection using a laptop or desktop.

Canvas and Mobile Devices

Useful Links and Downloads


Other than a web browser, the minimum software you will typically need is word processing software.  The standard word processor used by Clark College is Microsoft Word.  You can purchase this for a discounted student price at the Clark College Bookstore.

Some courses will require you to have additional software, or to purchase course-specific software or "keys" to access online software.  These are typically listed as textbook requirements and are available through the bookstore.

Smart Penguin

Smart Penguin is highly recommended for eLearning students at Clark as it contains specific information and tips for our online users, including the best ways to avoid or resolve the latest known technical issues.  Visit the Smart Penguin site, check out the resources, and sign up for the feed.