Common Course Numbering

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Common Course Numbering

In summer quarter 2008, Clark College adopted common course numbering (CCN), a system of numbering similar classes between all of Washington's 34 community and technical colleges. CCN makes it easier for students to transfer between community colleges by identifying which courses are similar from school to school. Courses that do not fall under CCN may still transfer to other community colleges; check with your advisor or credentials office for more information.

There are four possible changes you'll see as part of CCN:
  1. Courses that are commonly numbered will feature an ampersand (&) after their department name. An example of this is BUS 101, Introduction to Business. It will now be BUS& 101, Introduction to Business.
  2. The titles and numbers of some courses may change as part of CCN. An example of this is CMST 120, Mass Communication & Society. It will now be CMST& 102, Introduction to Mass Media.
  3. Some prefixes are changing. An example of this is BUS 231, Principles of Accounting. It will now be ACCT& 201, Principles of Accounting I.
  4. Some courses are being renumbered because their current number will be used by a common course. An example of this is BIOL 162, Human Genetics. It will now be BIOL 167, Human Genetics

In general, the common courses are indicated by the ampersand and course number. In some cases, the course titles may be different from one school to the next.

If you have already taken a class and it is renumbered as part of CCN, you may not earn credit for the same class under the new course number. For example: a student who has already taken CHEM 131, General Inorganic Chemistry, may not earn additional credits for taking CHEM& 141, General Chemistry I --they are the same class. A note will appear on classes where such a change has taken place in both the quarterly class schedule and the academic catalog.

If you have questions about which classes to take under the new common course numbers, contact Clark's Advising Department at 360-992-2345.

View the complete crosswalk of all Clark College courses affected by common course numbering (CCN).

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