January 18, 2019

President Knight announces retirement

Clark College News

January 23, 2019

President Knight recognized by Board of Trustees. Vice Chair Jacobsen and Trustee Speer named to lead search process for BOT

Board of Trustees minutes, January 23

February 26, 2019

Presidential Search Primer by State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

SBCTC Presentation
Board of Trustees minutes, February 26

March 1, 2019

BOT discussion on recommendations from the college and community

BOT Presentation March 1
Board of Trustees minutes, March 1

March 29, 2019

Request for proposal (RFP) for Presidential Search Firm

RFP for search firm

April 10, 2019

BOT agreements on Interim President search process and initial position description

BOT Presentation April 10
Board of Trustees minutes, April 10

May 3, 2019

Selection of Gold Hill Associates search firm

Board of Trustees minutes, May 3

May 17, 2019

LEAD Meeting

July 15, 2019

President Knight Retires

September 2019

Formation of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee

October 7 and 10, 2019

Search Firm Open House

October 17, 2019

Presidential Profile Approved

November 2019

Candidate screening process

November 5, 2019

Search Advisory Committee Equity in Hiring Workshop

January 13, 2020

Finalist panel interviews and forums begin at Clark.

Summer 2020

New president begins onboarding. Interim president departs.

September 2020

2020-21 academic year begins.



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