Guided Pathways Team

Guided Pathways Leadership

Jim Wilkins-Luton

Interim Vice President of Instruction

Dr. Michele Cruse

Vice President of Student Affairs

Vanessa C.K. Neal

Interim Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Sabra Sand

Vice President of Operations

Cristhian Canseco Juarez

Vice Chair Board of Trustees

Rhianna Johnson

Director of Guided Pathways and Partnerships



Guided Pathways Advisory Council

2021-2023 Roster

Julie Austad, Interim Dean of CLASS Unit
Karl Bailey, Chemistry faculty
Cath Busha, Dean, Student Affairs
Cristhian Canseco, Board of Trustees member
Chandra Chase, Communications Manager, Guided Pathways
Kathy Chatfield, Director of E-Learning
Daniel Rogers, Clark College Foundation
Dr. Michele Cruse, Vice President of Student Services
Kevin Damore, Director of Marketing
Jill Darley Vanis, English faculty
Carl Douglas, Director of the Center of Excellence for Semiconductor and Electronic Manufacturing
Jacob Funk, Music faculty
Stephanie Hall, Secretary for Math and Engineering departments
Nicole Harris, Director of ODEI
Rhianna Johnson, Guided Pathways Program Director
Cath Keane, Associate Director of Career Services
Mike Law, Associate Director of ODEI

Donna Larson, Associate Director of Veteran's Center of Excellence
Heather Leasure, Student Affairs Communications Manager
Helen Martin, Business Department
Emily Meoz, Director of Advising
Shelley Ostermiller, Associate Registrar
Sara Seyller, Instructional Operations Analyst
Jenny Shadley, Graphic Design Specialist
Kristin Sherwood, College 101 Coordinator
Brenda Walstead, Dean of Business and Health Sciences
Victoria Walters, Entry Services
Vanessa Watkins, Director of Entry Services
Robert Weston, Math Dept. Chair
Paul Wickline, Vice President of Instruction
Siri Wickramaratne, Geography faculty
Jim Wilkins-Luton, Associate Vice President of Instruction
Feddie Young, Research Analyst


2020-2021 Roster



Melissa Williams
John Maduta
Brenda Walstead
Foster Nostrand
Kevin Damore
Hal Abrams
Mirranda Saari
Sara Seyller
Willy Cushwa
Meleani Bates
Kristin Sherwood
Dwight Hughes

Student Voice

Ellie Davidson
Josiah Joner

VP Strategic Leadership Team & Support Staff

Michele Cruse
Dr. Sachi Horback
Rashida Willard
Samuel May-Varas
Chandra Chase
Karen Foster