Running Start Student

Running Start students are current high school students who are looking to get an early start on their college education. Students interested in the Running Start program must first check with their High School Counselor to see whether they are eligible. The steps to enroll and more information can be found on our Running Start webpage.

Steps to Enroll:

  1. Qualify for the Running Start Program

    • You must be a Junior or Senior as determined by your high school and/or school district.
    • You must be currently enrolled in a Washington State public high school.
    • If you are home schooled, or in a private school, you will need to enroll in your neighborhood public high school as an "intent to home school" student. 
  2. Apply for Admissions & Pay the $25 Application Fee

    Apply online at our Admissions webpage and indicate "Running Start" as your Academic Program.

    Need help with your application? Call 360-992-2078 or email for help.

  3. Activate Your Online Student Account

    Visit the MyClark@ctcLink page and follow the instructions to activate your account.

  4. Meet with an Enrollment Navigator

    Review your remaining enrollment requirements with an Entry Services staff member.

    Email to schedule an appointment.

  5. Review and Complete Placement

    Visit our Placement webpage for more information.

  6. Attend an Orientation

    Prepare for your first term at Clark College. View your options on the Orientation for New Students webpage.

  7. 7. Register for Classes

    Register online through your MyClark@ctcLink student homepage or ctcLink Mobile App.

  8. 8. Submit Your Running Start Enrollment Verifiacation Form (EVF)

    Submit your completed Enrollment Verifcation Form (EVF) to as soon as your have met with your high school counselor. Your high school counselor, your parent/guardian, and you are require to sign this form.

Please visit the college COVID-19 Information Page for campus-wide updates and access to our Remote Help Desk. 

Running Start students