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Addiction Counseling Education Club

The Independent on Facebook
American Sign Language (ASL) Club  The Independent on Facebook

Art Department
(Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and the Archer Gallery)

The Independent on Facebook  Instagram

Athletics Sports (Penguins)
The Penguins are a part of the NWAC conference with 11 team sports

 Penguins/Athletics Sports Teams on Facebook  Penguins/Athletics Sports Teams on Twitter  Instagram


The Independent on Facebook


Career Services on Facebook  Career Services on Twitter 

Career Services

Career Services on Facebook  Career Services on Twitter 

Clark Alumni

Clark College Alumni on Facebook  Instagram

Dental Hygiene

Clark College Alumni on Facebook

DIversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI)
ncludes information about our Diversity Center and Peer Mentors

Clark College Alumni on Facebook


Clark Engineering on Facebook

Fitness Center (Thompson)

 Clark Engineering on Facebook

International Programs

International Programs on Facebook  Instagram

The Independent
Clark College's Student-run Newspaper

The Independent on Facebook 

Japanese Club

The Independent on Facebook 


Clark libraries on Facebook  Clark libraries on Twitter  Youtube Clark Libraries Blog


 Music on Facebook

N.E.R.D. Girls + G.E.E.K.S.
To breakdown the stereotypes of women in STEM through outreach and campus events.

 Career Services on Facebook

Clark's award-winning art and literary publication

 The Phoenix on Facebook  The Phoenix on Twitter Instagram

Student Ambassadors

 Student Ambassadors on Facebook  Student Ambassadors on Twitter  Instagram  Student Ambassador Blog

Student Life

 Student Life on Facebook  Student Life on Twitter  Instagram


 The Independent on Facebook Instagram