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Web Development


Web Development is the process of designing and creation of websites, webpages, or internet applications for the use in online business and communications.

Clark’s Web Development program teaches students the fundamentals of web programming, web design, and other development technologies used online.

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Developing the Web of the 21st Century

Whether on your computer or mobile phone, the internet is populated by web content that’s used to engage users with various online needs. On an average day, an individual may interact with a social network, online store, use a video streaming service, or use other internet applications – all of them built or maintained by web developers.  

At Clark, students gain foundational skills in web coding, multimedia, and web design practices that provide a well-rounded set of skills necessary for web developers to thrive in today’s market.

Clark prides itself on providing small classroom instruction with plenty of hands-on experience with advanced computer technology software and real-world client work, allowing students to develop professional skills while building a portfolio of work.

Career Opportunities 

Employment opportunities for Web Developers exist in a variety of formats: webmaster, web developer, web designer, or freelance work. 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment projections forecast Web Development jobs growing at a rate of 14%, with a median wage in the Portland-Vancouver area estimated at $29.86 per hour.