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The study of Education explores learning processes, institutions, and the development of educators. Teachers play a direct role in the life of almost every person and in the development of society as a whole.

Clark's education studies provide students with foundational skills in teaching methods and exposure to survey courses on subjects taught in educational systems, including mathematics, science, and social studies.

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Create the Building Blocks for Learning

School teachers play an essential role in the development of learning minds from pre-kindergarten to high school. They provide the educational building blocks for individuals to thrive in society.

At Clark, our classes allow educators to engage in the learning process through a well-rounded curriculum that includes child development courses. Instruction also exposes students to subjects including science, math, and history, as well as practical classes on introductory teaching methods.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for teachers exist in a variety of roles that include: elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, physical education school teacher, and high school teacher. 

Clark's Education Department offers an Associates in Arts degree (AA) that is designed to transfer to the WSUV elementary education program, as well as an Associate in Arts Major Related Program (AA-MRP) in Math Education to prepare students for math education programs at universities in Washington. Students are encouraged to speak with an advisor to create an individualized plan and explore transfer requirements. The job titles listed are opportunities based on a bachelor's degree and above.