Nursing Selection

Acceptance into the Nursing program is limited and competitive. Upon completion of the minimum requirements, an evaluation will be completed and the applicants will be notified by the Nursing department regarding program consideration and selection.

Download a pdf guide to calculating Nursing Points.


Students are ranked based on the following 41-point scale:

Applicable GPA


3.00-3.09 10
3.10-3.19 12
3.20-3.29 14
3.30-3.39 16
3.40-3.49 18
3.50-3.59 20
3.60-3.69 22
3.70-3.79 24
3.80-3.89 26
3.90-4.00 28


Please use the Healthcare Work Experience Form to document your experience.  Points can be earned from only one category.  Hours must be completed within the past 10 years.

Healthcare Experience Category 1


Greater than 1921 hours 5
1061-1920 hours 4
960-1060 hours


Healthcare Category I: Applicants who have earned certification as one of the following: CNA, LPN, CMA, EMT, Paramedic, Military Medic, Hemodialysis Tech, Surgical Technician, or Respiratory Therapist AND have completed hours of post-certification work experience in a medical setting. 


Healthcare Experience Category 2


Greater than 960 hours WITH direct patient contact 2
Greater than 960 hours WITHOUT direct patient contact 1

Healthcare Category II: Applicants without one of the above designated certifications who have a minimum of 960 hours of paid work experience in a medical setting.


One (1) point will be awarded to applicants who have a minimum of 40 documented hours of volunteer experience with a population of need.  Hours must be completed within the past five years.  Please use the Community Service/Volunteer Hours form to document your experience.  Applicants can earned points in both the Healthcare Work Experience and the Community Service/Volunteer Hours categories.

The purpose of this point is to encourage applicants to gain experience working with diverse populations. Applicants will gain insights about community needs and resources as well as communication skills needed in the healthcare field.




If you are not selected:

Students who are not accepted are encouraged to meet with a Health Care & Biosciences Advisor to determine strategies to increase their competitiveness. They will not be given priority during future selection processes. Students will be included in the selection three times, provided they keep their files current.