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Journalism is the process of gathering and presenting information for public consumption in print, broadcast, or online mediums.

Clark's programs offers applied learning and training opportunities that can be used in various fields such as technical writing, law, politics, publishing, and other communication-based careers.

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Award-winning Journalism

Journalism is a core function of our society. Our program features faculty with professional media experience and real-world opportunities for students to report on campus events and issues of significance to the college community.

At Clark, students in our news production courses work as reporters, editors, photographers, videographers and designers of The Independent, the student run and print online publication, which has garnered awards from the Washington Community College Journalism Association and the Associated Collegiate Press, the nation's largest college student media organization.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for journalists exist in a variety of roles that include: editor, public relations specialist, and communication specialist.

In addition, one Clark journalism student per summer has the opportunity to intern at The Columbian, Vancouver's family-owned newspaper.

Clark students can earn a regular AA degree with a certificate in News Media Studies, which requires the completion of five core courses in writing and reporting, multimedia news production, mass media studies, college news production, and creative non-fiction.

The certificate helps set a foundation for students looking to transfer to schools throughout Washington including Washington State University, Western Washington University, Central Washington University, and the University of Washington. The job titles listed above are opportunities based on a bachelor’s degree and above.