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Marketing is a creative process that involves the research of business trends to create strategies that promote products or services to consumers.

Clark’s marketing program provides rounded skills that meet the needs of a variety of organizations or businesses. Our curriculum is informed by industry-standard practices that prepare students for entry-level employment or the ability to transfer to a four-year institution.


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Learn the Foundations of Marketing Practices

Market conditions are always evolving. To efficiently manage this constant state of evolution, marketers must be sharp and in-the-know. Whether conducting research or creating campaigns, marketers must showcase a range of skills to be the voice of a business or organization.

Clark faculty are informed about market trends and provide students with foundational skills that can be used in manufacturing, distribution, advertising, public relations, sales, and retail fields.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for Marketing professionals exist in a variety of formats: market research analyst, event planner, marketing coordinator, and marketing manager.

According to the U.S Department of Labor, employment projections forecast Marketing jobs for those with a Bachelor’s degree and above with a median wage in the Portland-Vancouver metro area estimated at $29.99 per hour. 

Clark’s program offers an Associates in Applied Science designed for students to gain foundational skills in marketing or explore transfer options to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor degree program.