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Supervisory Management is the effective leadership of a supervisor in team building, managing, and empowering fellow employees; you are tasked to oversee in an organization.

Clark’s program offers a comprehensive training program that focuses on solutions to supervisory issues regularly encountered on the job, providing an opportunity for current and potential supervisors to increase and broaden their skills, and to advance into more advanced levels of responsibility within an organization.

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Learning the Skills of Effective Supervision

An effective supervisor has the power to transform work culture, productivity, workflow, and overall happiness in completing daily job duties. Our curriculum focuses on building foundational skills in business management while incorporating soft skills needed to be a good leader.

The program also emphasizes accounting procedures as an essential component of every institution and business organization. We focus on basic accounting that is valuable in managing financial resources, policies, and decisions.

We encourage all interested students to consult with an academic business advisor for recommended course and program planning.

Career Opportunities 

Employment opportunities for Supervisory Management vary depending on industry and exist in a variety of formats: sales manager, branch manager, department manager, and quality assurance supervisor. 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment projections forecast first-line supervisor jobs growing at a rate of 8%, with a median wage in the Portland-Vancouver metro area estimated at $27.32 per hour.