Associate in Science Transfer Interest Areas

Within the Associate of Science Transfer (AST) degree, interest areas are sets of courses designated by the college to prepare students for an academic major upon transferring to a four-year college or university. Some courses in a program may need to be changed depending on the transfer institution. Interest areas are not noted on a student's transcript. All AST degrees are located in the Science, Technology and Engineering area of study cluster.

Completing the AST degree will prepare students for upper division study; it does not guarantee students admission to the major.

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Guided Pathways for AST Interest Areas

Below, you will find a pathway document for each interest area that contains a list of the recommended coursework and information to get you started.


Biological Sciences


Environmental/Resources Sciences




Aeronautical Engineering

Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering 

Clean/Renewable Energy

Computer Engineering

Computer Science 


Environmental Engineering 

Electrical Engineering

Materials Science Engineering

Mechanical Engineering