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May 15, 2008
For Immediate Release
For additional information:
Linda Calvert, Manager, Running Start
Telephone:  360-992-2842
Barbara Kerr, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing


On Tuesday, May 27, Clark College will honor
the Running Start Class of 2008

VANCOUVER, Wash. – On May 27, Clark College will celebrate the accomplishments of 86 Running Start students who will earn associate degrees in June and August of 2008. 

The reception for the graduates will be held at 7 p.m. in the Gaiser Hall Student Center.  Gaiser Hall is located on the northern edge of the college’s main campus, on Fort Vancouver Way between McLoughlin Blvd. and Fourth Plain Blvd.  Clark College is located at 1933 Fort Vancouver Way.

Clark College President Robert K. Knight said, “I’m proud to congratulate our 2008 Running Start graduates.  I know that we will be celebrating the accomplishments of these members of our Penguin Nation for years to come."

According to program manager Linda Calvert, “This year, two Running Start students -- Russell Miller and Sara Ross -- are graduating with perfect 4.0 GPAs.  More than half of the 86 graduates have cumulative GPAs at Clark above 3.4 -- with honors."

Calvert added, “The accomplishments of our Running Start students are so impressive – they will earn their associate degrees from Clark College and their high school diplomas at the same time.  These students have proven that if you are self-motivated, emotionally mature, and looking for additional academic challenges, you really can earn your ‘Running Start’ at higher education at Clark College.”

Clark College first welcomed Running Start students in fall of 1992.  During the past six years, the numbers of students who have received their associate degrees through the Running Start program has increased from 15 in 2002 to 86 in 2008. 

Running Start allows eligible juniors and seniors to take classes to earn college credit while they fulfill their high school graduation requirements.  Running Start students attend regular Clark classes during the day or in the evening, along with “regular” college students.  They can choose from a full range of academic and professional or technical courses as long as the students meet the criteria and the classes are college-level.  The tuition for eligible students is covered by the school district.  Students pay for books, transportation, and any miscellaneous class fees. Limited textbook assistance is available for those with financial need.


EDITORS’ NOTE:  The names and schools of the members of the Running Start Class of 2008 are listed below.

Clark College Running Start Class of 2008
Associate Degree Awardees

^ Summer 2008 Grad
* With Honors(3.4-3.89)
** With Highest Honors 3.90 +
*** With Highest Honors (4.0 G.P.A.)

Battle Ground  
Mika Wirtanen* 

BG Homelink
Naomi Onofrei**^ 

Nathaniel Boerke*
Samuel Hafer
Julianne Lawrence
Jennifer Park
Lina Sien^
Devin Sirois
Briana Wernow*             

Brittney Hendrickson
Lindsay Lermo*
Brooke Pillsbury
Melissa White

Columbia River           
Meghan Grange*
Veronica Henson* 

Ashley Bennett
Samantha Padgett
Meaghan Siemers
Marina Tkachenko

Fort Vancouver
Ashleen Aguilar*
Louis Lefebvre*
Angela McIntosh
Katelyn Meisner*

Hays Freedom
Joshua Hurley^
Lauren Martin

Xiaofei Jiang*
Erin Woolbright

Jessica Allison*
Katie Handlan*
Brianna Olson 

Hudson’s Bay
Chambers, Anastasia*^
Rachael Davies*
Leah Dockery^
Anne Dolhanyk*
Bill Duong
Hayley Kies*^
Christopher Mulargia
Jennifer Perkins*
Kelli Perletti*
Larisa Robertson*

Kelli Sutton

La Center
Erik Gore*
Anna Hanover*
Russell Miller***
Mort Murry^
Nicolle Stanfill*

Nataliya Olennikov

Lewis and Clark
James Pick*

Mt. View
Natalya Kutyreva
Lacey Mills^
Joey Smokey*

Alycia Atkinson
Holly Haggenjos^
Sara Ross***^
Kelly Schrock
Joshua D. Stein
Lauren Tycksen*

RA Long
Jordan Bandy

River Homelink
Alisa Collins*
Jessica Osborne**
Stephen Richardson**

Jenna Bieber^
Jena Bodell*
Allison Haugen
Hong Ho
Amanda Slocum*
Joshua G. Stein**
Heather Tedesco*^
Justine Todd*
Genay Tucker
Shivon Van Allen*
Nathan Wolfe

Kortney Russell

Tori Cox*
Nichole Gabel
Kimberly Lackey*
Jena Long*

Eric Eccleston*
Casey Erickson
Ashley Hughes**
Nicholas Kooiman*
Bryan Martin
Kayla McCauley
Mikayla Nigro
Kaile Starnes**
Matthew Trico


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