College Theme


What is a college theme?

A college theme represents a common idea that the entire college, as well as the community that we serve, can gather around. Clark College’s Strategic Plan is founded on the core principle of the learning college: the work undertaken by each and every member of the college community shares the common outcome of student learning. In alignment with this, the college theme will be integrated across a broad sweep of college services. 

Why have a college theme?

A college theme will provide students with the opportunity to make connections between issues, across disciplines, and beyond classrooms. As outlined in the Academic Plan, this approach to teaching and learning allows a variety of different programs, courses, and student services to explore a shared issue in a multitude of formats and through a host of different lenses. Such an integrative learning experience allows students to collaborate with both their peers and the broader college community, transferring learning across contexts in a way that makes their connection to the material richer and more rewarding.

Why was Transformation selected?

A work group was assembled earlier this year to lead this initiative and identify the theme: Transformation. The theme of Transformation represents the variety of large-scale changes the college is currently undergoing to create the best student experience. A shared understanding of the theme was developed to promote consistency and unity:

Transformation: taking steps – individually and collectively – on our journeys.

Revealing the theme to the campus, students, and community is the first of many steps. Together we will explore this theme as it guides the college's work around Guided Pathways, the Academic Plan, ctcLink, and other college initiatives over the next five years. 

How can I get involved? 

This webpage will be your source to learn more about the activities related to the theme, join in a conversation about the theme, and find resources. Exploration of the college theme will not be limited to a common read. Rather, we will be building a library of resources for you to use, including books, films, and other scholarly and popular materials. And this collection will grow and evolve over the course of the next several years. View our College Theme Resources page to explore the latest additions.

You can also participate in the college-wide origami transformation activity and the Watch Us Transform contest.

College Theme Work Group