Rave Alert: Emergency Notification System

RAVE Alert is Clark College's text message and email emergency notification system. It allows you to quickly receive emergency communications and other important information via text message and email. Notifications may be about inclement weather alerts or emergency incidents on campus. All faculty, staff and students that have provided the college with a cellular telephone number will be automatically enrolled in the RAVE Alert system.

RAVE Alert will NOT charge you in any way for this service (standard or other messaging charges apply depending upon your wireless carrier plan and subscription details). Clark College will not require faculty, staff or students to provide a personal cellular telephone number. Faculty, staff or students who have not provided a cellular telephone number to the college may still enroll into the RAVE Alert system by visiting https://www.getrave.com/login/clark . Telephone numbers that have been independently enrolled into the RAVE Alert system will not be retrieved or used by Clark College for any other reason other than sending alert information to the enrolled telephone number.

Anyone who wishes to unsubscribe from the RAVE Alert Service may do so by notifying RAVE directly through the website or via text. Once a telephone number is on the unsubscribe list it will NOT be automatically re-enrolled into the RAVE Alert system. To re-enroll a previously unsubscribed number please visit https://www.getrave.com/login/clark.

The intent of this document is to provide helpful, insightful instructions regarding use of the application. Read more about emergency procedures at Clark College.

*Note: It is recommended that you should review your profile and emergency information periodically, optimally at the start of each quarter, to ensure that it is up to date.

Contact for Trouble Shooting

If you are a student and need assistance, please contact the TechHub at 360-992-2010 or via email at TechHub@clark.edu

If you are a Faculty, Staff or Employee and need assistance, please contact IT Help Center at 360-992-2425.