Emergencies at Clark College

Emergencies or disasters can happen at any time and usually occur with little or no warning.  When an emergency occurs at Clark College, our safety and speedy recovery depend on existing levels of preparedness and coordinated response from students, employees and visitors. 

RAVE Alert System

RAVE Alert is Clark College's text message and email emergency notification system. It allows you to quickly receive emergency communications and other important information via text message and email. All students who register for classes during or after the Winter 2018 term who have provided a cellular telephone number to the college will be automatically enrolled in the RAVE Alert system, as are most Clark College employees who have provided a cellular telephone number. It is a good idea to confirm that the system has your correct number. You can do so by logging into Clark's RAVE Alert system online and checking the phone number listed there. 

For those who are neither students nor employees at the college, any member of the community who wishes to receive RAVE Alerts may do so by texting the word “Penguins” to the number 67283.

RAVE may be used for the following incidents:

What is Clark College doing to prepare for emergencies?

Clark College is committed to creating and maintaining a safe learning environment for students, employees and guests. This is accomplished through deliberate planning and collaboration within the College community, and in close cooperation with local police, fire, emergency medical and public health agencies. Emergency Management is a process that requires broad-based involvement throughout the College.

What you can do to be prepared for an emergency at Clark College!