Emergency Operations Plan

Clark College Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The Clark College EOP document lays out a detailed and carefully-crafted plan that will be set in motion whenever an emergency reaches proportions that cannot be handled by standard operating procedures. 

Local Vancouver partners in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency dispatch and public health took a proactive role in customizing Clark College's EOP. The plan addresses the main campus and satellite sites. Order of priorities:

  • Preservation of life
  • Preservation of the environment
  • Preservation of Clark College property
  • Restoration of academic programs and all operations

Clark College's EOP delivers guidance to college personnel and local authorities. It covers management and coordination about any unplanned emergency event. Procedures are flexible to accommodate contingencies of all types and magnitudes. It is a living document that will be evaluated and updated as necessary.

The plan conforms to the National Incident Management System (NIMS), falls under the Washington State Plan, and incorporates guidelines for the incident command system.

The EOP is maintained and updated as necessary by Clark College's Administrative Services unit. Expertise and advice is contributed by Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC). The plan is available by contacting the College's emergency manager.