Continuity of Operations Plan ( COOP )

The ultimate goal of a Continuity of Operations Plan is the continuation of Clark College essential functions.  COOP is a mechanism used to identify essential functions and ensure that those functions can be continued throughout, or resumed rapidly after, a disruption of normal activities.  An organization’s resiliency is directly related to the effectiveness of its continuity capability. An organization’s continuity capability, its ability to perform its essential functions continuously, rests upon key components or pillars, which are in turn built on the foundation of continuity planning and program management. Those key pillars are Leadership, Staff, Communications, and Facilities.

The Four Phases of Continuity

 Continuity of Operations (COOP) is the initiative that ensures that Clark Colleg is able to continue operation of its essential functions under a broad range of circumstances including all-hazard emergencies as well as natural, man-made, and technological threats and national security emergencies. Today's threat environment makes COOP planning even more critical. Normal day to day operations can be affected at any given time, without warning, and may affect only a small portion of the campus, or could affect the entire College.  It is vital that each department have a continuity plan in place to minimize the affects of an incident and to ensure the rapid continuation of day to day operations. 

 Clark College uses a continuity of operations system through Bold Planning to accomplish these goals. Emergency management, along with representatives from every department, have been working very hard to put together the Clark College continuity of operations plan.  If you or your department would like more information regarding the Clark College COOP plan, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be glad to demonstrate the plan, where we are within the plan, and the steps required to continue to make sure our plan is affective and succesful!

The link below will take you to the Clark College Continuity of Operations Plan.  Please remember that a COOP plan is a living document, and is required to be updated on a regular basis.  If you notice any information on the document to be inaccurate, please contact me so that we may update any information for your department.




Tom Buckley, B.A.

Emergency Manager

Clark College

ext. 2449