Lockdown / Active Shooter


An active shooter or active threat is an individual(s) actively engaged in attempting to harm people in a confined and populated area. Assailants may use firearms, knives, or even vehicles. In most cases, there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.

The information below outlines strategies for prevention, preparedness, and response. These safety tips and guidelines are not all inclusive, but if understood, reviewed periodically, and trained when feasible, they can increase your chances of surviving.


In an active shooter/active threat situation, your first notification may be from the event itself. Alert others in your area of the danger. Call 911 or Clark Security at 360 992 2133.

An emergency notification will be issued through the RAVE and InformaCast Alert systems. 


Since every incident varies, you should be flexible in determining which strategy works best in that specific situation. You must determine your best course of action. This should be based on your knowledge and assessment of the circumstances (e.g., proximity to the event, actions of the shooter, available escape options and your individual capacity).

Run, Flee or Evacuate

Hide, Lockdown or Barricade


When the Police Arrive

Always notify the police department as soon as it is safe to do so. Call 911 or Clark College Security at 360 992 2133

Active Shooter Training Video - RUN HIDE FIGHT