Compost Data

Composting at Clark College was implemented in August 2013.  In the initial phase only the bookstore was being managed through the composting program.  Today we have over 30 compost bin locations between the main campus and the Columbia Tech Center.

Most compost bins are monitored daily for contents and contamination.  Data is based on actual compostable material in the bins and not all bin contents (which could include trash or recyclables).  All data is represented by volume (gallons) and not weight.  For more complete records contact


Fall 2014*

AA5 - 11.5

Bauer Hall - 15.75

Baird Administration - 37.1

Child and Family Studies - 293.22

Early Learning Center - 157.04

Frost Arts Center - 3.55

Food Carts - 386.09

Gaiser Hall - 665.69

Joan Stout Hall - 11.4

Library - 6.55

O'Connell Sports Center - 14.59

Parent Education - 128.83

Penguin Union Building - 224.51

Science - 9.8

T-Building - 15.4

*Some buildings/compost bins were added throughout the term.  Buildings have varying numbers of compost bins, the most bins are in the CFS Complex and GHL respectively .