Online assistance is available for currently enrolled Clark students. Using the Online Writing Lab, students can upload a draft of their paper and receive written feedback, usually within 24-72 hours. 

Tutors are also available to assist via e-Chat (synchronous) or e-Questions (asynchronous) in various subjects, including physics, chemistry, biology, math, calculus, statistics, Spanish, accounting, and more.

To access online tutoring, go to the eTutoring website, click on the login icon, select “Western eTutoring Consortium,” then “Clark College,” and follow the instructions.

Tutorials for Using eTutoring

How to submit a paper to the eWriting Lab

How to find an eTutor's review of your paper

How to enter an eChat session

How to use audio in an eChat session

How to submit an eQuestion

How to find your eTutor's response to your eQuestion