Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (BITA)

Clark College wants to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all students, faculty and staff. You can help us do that 

Life can be challenging, and people can need support and referrals for help. Clark College's BITA team is a proactive, preventative approach to maintaining a safe college environment. BITA works with students, faculty and staff to identify and respond to student behaviors that cause others concern and/or fear that the student poses a danger to self, others or the college community. 

What is harmful behavior? Sometimes, people may be thinking about harming themselves. This could include suicidal thoughts or actions. Someone might act erratically, disrupting classes or events or exhibit behavior that could potentially be threatening to self or others.


How can I help?

If you see another student whose behavior seems like a “red flag” for potential harm or threat to self or others, you can help. 

  • If the threat is immediate – call 911.
  • Even if the threat isn’t immediate, it’s still important to act.  Please submit a BITA referral form.

Who can make a BIT referral?

Anyone who feels a student's behavior is a "red flag" that could potentially indicate a threat to self or others can make a BITA referral. This includes include students, faculty and staff and other community members.

What will happen after I make a referral?

Based on information in the report, members of the BITA team will determine the next steps. 

Your report is the first step -- and the most important!


Learn more about Clark’s Behavioral Intervention Team.