Clark College wants to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all students, faculty and staff. You can help us do that 

Life can be challenging, and people can need support and referrals for help. Clark College's CARE team is a proactive, preventative approach to maintaining a safe college environment. CARE works with students, faculty and staff to identify and respond to student behaviors that cause others concern and/or fear that the student poses a concern or danger to self, others or the college community. 

What is harmful behavior? Sometimes, people may be thinking about harming themselves. This could include suicidal thoughts or actions. Someone might act erratically, disrupting classes or events or exhibit behavior that could potentially be threatening to self or others.


How can I help?

If you are concerned about a student, you are strongly encourage to reach out to the CARE Team fo support. It is the team's objective to address concerning behavior before they become larger issues for our community and its members. You can show you CARE by letting the team know about a student you are concerned about by visiting the CARE network report form

  • If the threat is immediate – call 911.
  • Even if the threat isn’t immediate, it’s still important to act.  Please submit a BITA referral form.

The CARE Team works toward early identification and assessment of behavior that may put the well-being of the individual or the greater community at risk. While there is no single set of warning signs that will reliably predict harm or campus violence, the CARE Team conducts a comprehensive assessment to look for behavioral evidence that someone is planning or preparing to act out inappropriately or carry out some type of threat, and if appropriate, will intervene.

Who can make a CARE referral?

Anyone who feels a student's behavior concerning for a student's health or safety, if you feel that there is a student in distress and their behaviors potentially indicate a threat to self or others please make a referral. This includes include students, faculty and staff and other community members.

What will happen after I make a referral?

You will receive a response to indicate your report was received and is being reviewed. The student will be given the support and assistance they need by the College and community resources. Please note that often time's information can only be given out in general terms for confidentiality reasons and therefore reporters often do not hear the outcome of each case. Often times, there is a need for faculty to provide information to the CARE Team for the wellbeing of the student.


Learn more about Clark’s CARE Team.