Clark Conversation Cafes ~ Learning at Clark

Clark Conversation Cafe 2008 Participants' Key Insights:

Here is what your peers and students have said about participating in past Conversation Cafés at Clark:

“Helps me to feel more connected to the college.”

“Everyone should participate - great to talk with people

from all over campus.”

"We need more student input.”

“Good to get out of the everyday routine

and think outside of the box.”

“The way in which people shared ideas

and explored new onesis a good exampleof

what I would like to see in the classrooms.”

“The more we build the capacity for conversations that truly matter to people, [the more] we build the community’s capacity to embrace transformative innovation and change.”

“This is a great opportunity to engage with our

colleagues and collaborate on the future direction.”

“These sessions will cause me to focus more on how

my department can be learner centered.”

“This was Great!”

“As a student I could cross ideas with other students

and possibly apply the ideas to supervisors/teachers

to improve the learning environment.”

 “We need to find a way to permeate

this idea through the campus."

“I liked the opportunity to talk with

folks who I wouldn’t normally see.”

“Yes, it is important for everyone to be involved

in making suggestions for improvement to our college.”

“I hope this will happen again!”

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