How can I be involved in outcomes assessment?

All full-time faculty members at Clark participate in Outcomes Assessment activities. To see the this year's activities, please see the 2014-2015 IPT charge.

What is the goal of Outcomes Assessment?

The goal is improved student learning and better programs. It is not individual student, faculty, course, or program evaluation.


Outcomes assessment is an opportunity for faculty to examine the alignment between courses and the program and the program’s effect on student learning. Faculty members are typically in the best position to determinet what to change in a course/program and to implement changes, when needed, to improve student learning. Outcomes Assessment / Planning and Effectiveness can provide technical expertise on assessment and evaluation questions.

How can Outcomes Assessment help our program?

Outcomes Assessment is here to support your assessment activities. Think of us as your program assessment consultants and technical experts.

We offer an array of assessment workshops throughout the academic year. If you are unable to attend, we have the PowerPoints and handouts available on the events section. Our web site also contains general Outcomes Assessment information, guidebooks, helpful resources and links, and templates.

We are also available by appointment for individual program consultation; we can provide advice on how to assess your program, what to assess, and how to act on the assessment results.

What's done with the annual reports?

Outcomes Assessment is an ongoing process designed to monitor and improve student learning. Each year, programs describe their assessment-related activities in an annual report. The reporting forms are available on our website.

Clark College uses the information in several ways:

To locate examples of exemplary assessment practices that it can share with the faculty-at-large

To identify issues and concerns that need attention and thus guide professional development

To support accreditation and meet reporting requirements set by NWCCA

To convey outcomes assessment data to the Program Improvement Process (PIP) Screening Committee for use as part of program review

How do I formally apply for an Outcomes Assessment mini-grant?

Please complete the planning section of the project reporting form located on the OAT. Applications will be reviewed by the OA Committee.

Am I paid for Outcomes Assessment work?

All full-time faculty are required to participate in Outcomes Assessment work per their contract. However, if work goes "above and beyond" (as determined by the OA Committee) faculty will be compensated. All compensated work must be approved ahead of time by the OA Committee.

All adjunct faculty will be compensated for Outcomes Assessment work. However, all work must be approved ahead of time by the OA Committee.

How can I get help with my annual assessment project or report?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your Outcome Assessment Faculty Liaison:

Faculty Outcome Assessment Liaison
Joe Pitkin (jpitkin@clark.edu)

Outcome Assessment Support
Sara Seyller (SSeyller@clark.edu)