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Clark Conversation Cafes ~ Listening Salons


Listening Salons, a portion of the Clark Conversation Cafes, focus on learning the art of listening in the first hour and practicing those skills by listening one-on one to each other in the second hour. Participants can share anything they wish to share and be really listened to. Great forum for getting things off your chest, airing an idea, making a decision, or expressing a dream you have.

These Listening salons will teach you how to really listen in a highly interactive tutorial facilitated by Clark Adjunct instructor of theater, Marci McReynolds who has taught close to 10,000 people how to really listen.

What does it mean to really listen?

Really listening can be thought of as a “social meditation” in which listeners deliberately bear witness to another’s story. The characteristics of really listening are:

  • Being in the present moment, not worried about the past or future
  • Allowing silence in the conversation so the speaker can access his own thoughts
  • Refraining from giving advice or one’s own story which block the speaker
  • Asking questions and making reflections which help return the speaker to the wisdom which lies within each of us.

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