Inside the TLC


Resource Area (GHL 206) 


In our spacious resource area we are pleased to provide computer work spaces for full- and part-time faculty.


Learning Lab (GHL 207)

Training Lab great view



This versatile learning lab accommodates up to 20 participants.


Training Lab as moderate classroom



With its moderate size, the learning lab is a perfect setting for small workshops and events.


Learning Studio (GHL 205)

Training Studio's large space



This versatile learning studio accommodates up to 40 participants.


Training Studio projector and screen


The Learning Studio has a Smart Classroom Podium and is a wonderful space for faculty and staff development workshops and events.




The TLC provides technology and assistance for our faculty. Our computers come with the following software : MS Office, Imagination, Design Science Mathtype 6, and Dreamweavers.


Teaching Podium


Our Smart Classroom Podium and presentation set-up allow faculty to preview and evaluate their classroom activities.



Pixel Shim
Pixel Shim