TLC @ Clark College

About TLC

Established in 2006, the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) offers a variety of resources and professional development opportunities designed to support Clark College’s mission, vision and strategic goals. We strive to contribute to the success of faculty, staff and students by promoting a learning-centered community that cultivates and supports teaching and service excellence in a collaborative environment.

What We Offer

The TLC offers classroom space, computers and a library collection dedicated to teaching and learning. The Learning Lab (GHL 207) accommodates up to 20 people while the Learning Studio (GHL 205) can hold up to 40. There are 20 laptop computers available for use in either room, as well as conference-phone or web-conferencing capabilities and a Smart Classroom podium. Classrooms and resources may be reserved no earlier than 30 days in advance through R-25 scheduling. The TLC Resource Area (GHL 206) features work spaces and computers for faculty and a dedicated Teaching and Learning library. Books are available for checkout to employees exclusively. Take a look inside the TLC.

Partners in Professional Development

The TLC supports the training and professional development work of many departments at Clark College. Faculty Development, Employee Development, Information Technology, Outcomes Assessment, eLearning, and Diversity and Equity are among the departments who use the facilities and resources of the TLC.

Programs and Services


  • New Employee and New Faculty Orientations
  • Online Learning & Resources
    • Higher Ed Works
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Canvas*
    • Quality Matters*
    • Camtasia*
    • Mentor Commons
  • Professional Development Funding
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • New Faculty Mentoring
  • Faculty Speakers Series
  • Toastmasters
  • Training/Events/Workshops
    • Diversity Workshops*
    • Affinity Groups*
    • Supervisory Training
    • Technology*
    • Communication
    • Classroom Management
    • Assessment Workshops
    • Leadership Development
    • Environmental Health and Safety*
    • Emergency Preparedness*
  • Conferences/Retreat
  • Faculty Lounge
  • Teaching & Learning Library
  • Computer work area
  • Classrooms (by reservation)
  • Kitchen (microwave, coffee, ice, refrigerator)
** administered by affiliated departments such as eLearning, Risk Management, Information Technology and Office of Diversity and Equity