FYE Mentor Program

Having a mentor can direct you to the right path. -Princeton student

Transitioning to college is a big step! We invite you to make that step a little easier by joining the First Year Experience (FYE) Mentor Program! New students are paired one-on-one with faculty/staff members for campus engagement and community building. You can read more about the program in the invitation linked below, and by reading the qualifications and responsibilities. If you're ready to join, fill out the application form, and we'll help you take the next step together!

Testimonials from previous FYE Mentor Program participants:

~ "I enjoyed the peace of mind that came with knowing I had someone I could go to." ~ Mentee

~ "It's a great opportunity for a new student to interact with experienced staff/faculty at Clark..." ~Mentor

~ "I believe this is a great program for all students... Having a mentor is really helpful." ~ Mentee

~ "It's a great way to get new students to feel comfortable, and to get involved here at Clark." ~ Mentor


Application Materials:

Watch a video to hear how mentoring might help you as a student:


For further information about First Year Experience, including the FYE Mentor Program, contact Janette Clay at 360-992-2618 or jclay@clark.edu.