Learning Communities

FYE reason 12: Because Learning is a team sport.

Imagine taking classes where you know all your classmates, and your instructors work together to ensure you are successful. That's a Learning Community, two or more linked courses taken with the same group of students.


Starting in Fall 2014, Clark College will offer these types of learning communities:


First-Quarter Learning Communities -

Two or three first year classes paired with COLL 101 College Essentials: Intro to Clark. These communities help students build a successful foundation and support them in their first quarter and year at Clark.


Click here to see a full list of Fall 2014 First-Quarter Learning Communities.


Integrated Learning Communities -

Two courses paired with integrated coursework featuring shared curriculum and coordinated schedules. Integrated Learning Communities are designed to streamline students' workloads and help them understand how different subject areas are connected.


Click here to see a full list of Fall 2014 Integrated Learning Communities.

When you are ready to register for a learning community, register with the item # through web registration on the "current students" tab.


Space is limited! Register today!


For further information about the First Year Experience, including Learning Communities, contact Janette Clay at 360-992-2618 or jclay@clark.edu.