Learning Communities

Imagine taking classes where you knew all your classmates, your professors coordinated their assignments to lighten your workload, and everyone was working together to make sure you were successful. That's a Learning Community, two or more linked courses taken with the same group of students. Featuring shared curriculum and coordinated schedules, Learning Communities are designed to streamline students' workloads and help them understand how different subject areas are connected.


During the 2014 spring quarter, Clark College is offering these Learning Communities:

LC 1 (hybrid)

Title: Investigating Power, Privilege and Inequity, ENGL& 102 (5 credits), WS 101 (5 credits)

Description: Combined English and Women’s Studies course emphasizing research and writing skills in the context of contemporary feminist theory.  Analyze systems of power, privilege and inequity particularly with respect to gender, race, class, sexuality, age, and ability.  Analyze and synthesize electronic and print texts to support a relevant research thesis with appropriate documentation through pre-writing, drafting, revising and editing.  Topics include women and gender socialization, family, work, politics, sexuality, health, body image, violence, media and culture. 


LC 2

Title: Politics of US: Informed and Engaged Democracy, ENGL& 101 (5 credits), POLS 111 (5 credits)

Item 7779 POLS 111, American National Government and Politics, daily 9:00 - 9:50 a.m.

Item 6742 ENGL 101, English Composition I, daily 10:00 - 10:50 a.m.

Description: Combined English Composition I and National Government & Politics courses emphasizing writing process, summary, and essay development in the context of contemporary civic engagement. As critical thinkers and problem solvers, the class will explore the impact of becoming better informed and engaged in the democratic process. Analyze and synthesize electronic and print texts to support relevant projects with appropriate documentation through pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing.  Topics include American political culture and democracy, the Constitution, federalism, civil liberties and civil rights, public opinion, mass media, the Congress, the president and the bureaucracy, and the judiciary.


LH 1 (hybrid)

Title: Biggest Winner - Achieving Optimal Health Through Mindful Eating and Activity, (3 credits) HLTH 104 (2 credits), AND PE 108 (1 credit), OR PE 208 (1 credit)

Item 6A71 HLTH 104, Weight and Your Health, W 1:00 - 2:50 p.m.

Item 6A72 PE 108, Independent Fitness, W 1:00 - 2:50 p.m.

    Item 6A71 HLTH 104, Weight and Your Health, W 1:00 - 2:50 p.m.

    Item 6A73 PE 208, Independent Fitness - Int., W 1:00 - 2:50 p.m.

Description: This learning community is intended for students who have weight loss as a primary health goal and are interested in developing and implementing sustainable lifestyle practices to lose weight. The course explores the concept of healthy body weight and methods for achieving optimal health, improving body function and reducing chronic disease risk.  The focus will be on eating and moving intuitively, rather than dieting. Students will design, implement and document a personalized goal-oriented fitness program, with instructor support, including activities than enhance cardiovascular endurance and mobility.

For further information about the First Year Experience or Learning Communities, contact Janette Clay at 360-992-2618 or jclay@clark.edu.